Ground School

PPL Ground School - 1 Year

The following 4 main topics will take you on a journey from the ground to high in the sky where you will discover how airplanes fly, the weather and airspace they fly in, and most importantly how to become a safe and competent aviator.

- Air Law
- Navigation
- Meteorology
- Aeronautics - General Knowledge

- Access for the term you selected
- Life happens, if you require an extension to your purchased activation term you can do so for $25/mo.
- Detailed interactive course material including videos, podcasts, photos, diagrams, text, assignments, interactions that will prepare you for the PPAER exam
- 6 month Access to an Exam Prep course with over 1000 practice questions (You tell us when you are ready to start)
- A recommend for the PPAER exam
- Multiple avenues of support including virtual one-on-one and group sessions, discussion boards, email, and phone
- Access to discounts on future courses
- A Certificate confirming course completion

There are no prerequisites for this course however you will need a ground school kit which contains all of the required materials to complete this course as well as your flight training. If you have not ordered a kit or do not have one you will be given the option to do so upon starting the course.

Kit Contents include:
From The Ground Up Text Book - Flight Training Manual - VFR Navigation Chart (Calgary) - VFR Terminal Area Chart (Calgary) - Canada Flight Supplement - E6B Flight Computer - Douglas (Square) Protractor - Chart Rule - Pilot Log Book - Flight Bag

  • Introduction
  • Browser Configuration
  • Ground School Kit
  • Introduction to Private Pilot Ground School
  • Air Law
  • The PPAER Exam
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations/Licensing Requirements
  • Air Law Quiz
  • Aeronautics - General Knowledge
  • Airframes, Engines, and Systems
  • Aerodynamics & Theory of Flight
  • Flight Instruments
  • Flight Operations
  • Human Factors, Including Pilot Decision Making
  • Aeronautics Quiz
  • Mid-Term Survey
  • Meteorology
  • Meteorology
  • Meteorology Quiz
  • Navigation
  • Navigation - Radio And Electric Theory
  • E6-B Practice
  • Exam Prep Activation
  • Navigation - Flight Planning
  • PPL Course Survey
  • Please Leave a Review
  • PPL Exam Prep
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever