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Night Rating (night01)

The Night Rating is one of the most popular ratings to add to your Private Pilot License. If you are working toward a Commercial Pilot License this rating will be a part of your training.

Flying at night is often a peaceful and tranquil experience due to the often calm air, quiet radio frequencies, and beautiful night sky. Seeing the world from above at night provides you, the pilot, with a new challenge. One that is definitely worth the time and effort put into the training.

This course will prepare you for the flight training required for your night rating as well as give you the tools necessary to be a safe and competent nocturnal aviator. While there is no requirement for ground school to receive your night rating this course will significantly improve your knowledge and awareness of night flight giving you the opportunity to spend more time flying and less time talking with your flight instructor.

Access to this course for completion is for 90 days. Once complete you will retain access.

NOTE TO CPL STUDENTS: If you are enrolled in the Commercial Ground School from Level Flight, this course is included, there is no need to purchase it separately.
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  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever